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10 All Media Art Competition Winners You Have to See

10 All Media Art Competition Winners You Have to See

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The All Media Art Competition is one of our absolute favorite art contests. From digital art to watercolor, there are so many incredible works of art to enjoy.Here are 10 past All Media winners to inspire you to keep thinking outside the box! After perusing through these gorgeous works of our all media winners, be sure to check out all our open art competitions and submit your work!

1. Melissa Breault

Body and Soul expresses the vulnerability in each of us that men, especially, succumb to in hiding. I often work in pastel. But given the intimate nature of this piece, I felt that rendering the flesh in color would make it too personal.— Melissa Breault

2. John M. Stephens

I started my art career as a pastel portrait artist at Disney World when it first opened. With digital software I strive to create invented landscapes, environments never before encountered.Digital software allows me to start (and sometimes end) with the real. But along the way, what is real is heightened and altered so that it seems new, and what is hidden is made manifest.— John M. Stephens

3. Molly Cassidy

I feel that mixing media presents no boundaries. I’ve worked with a lot of different media and methods, and I really like being able to bring my vision to fruition through whichever of those methods I feel is called for.— Molly Cassidy

4. Soojin Kim

I always use 2B black Conté crayon to depict black cookies. The oily characteristic of the crayon suits the richness of the cookies.When I draw with Conté, I get a darker black and better paper texture than with other drawing materials.— Soojin Kim

5. Maureen S. Farrell

I painted in watercolor for nearly 20 years before trying acrylic. Once comfortable with it, I began to add collage to the paintings.Texture and mixed media have allowed me to play with abandon and not worry about imperfect painting.— Maureen S. Farrell

6. Xi Guo

I’m fascinated by watercolor’s transparency, uncertainty and fragility. It’s a medium that helps capture the essence of my work and the concepts I try to instill. I also paint in oil, but watercolor is my favorite medium.”— Xi Guo

7. Barry G. Pitts

I believe digital painting provides a bridge which allows me to simulate traditional media but gives me the freedom to expand, experiment and manipulate. There is a definite bias against digital art in the fine art community, but I think that slowly and inevitably, the tide will change.— Barry G. Pitts

8. Rogger Oncoy

I paint in many media–pastel, acrylic, oil and watercolor. But I particularly like watercolor for its transparency and luminosity. Being able to see the white of the paper is also exciting for me!”— Rogger Oncoy

9. Matthew Bird

Watercolor can create many effects that cannot be achieved in any other medium. When I did my first wet-into-wet wash, I was immediately fascinated by the way the pigment and water flowed and mixed. Watercolor is notoriously difficult, and I guess I love the challenge.— Matthew Bird

10. Anna Hammer

I find I’m able to achieve a precision with colored pencil that surpasses that of any brush covered with paint. Plus, they leave no mess behind!— Anna Hammer

Which of these All Media Art Competition winners do you relate to most? Tell us in the comments below! And if you are up to putting your art skills to the test, learn about all our art competitions here.*Never miss an issue. You can find past issues of Artists Magazine here.

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