A Happy Medium! Winners of the All Media Art Competition 2018

A Happy Medium! Winners of the All Media Art Competition 2018

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We’re pleased to present the winners of Artists Magazine’s recent All Media Art Competition. This group of artworks showcases a diverse range of styles and subject matters. The artists are from points across the globe and bring their unique perspective to their work in a way that is worth honorable mentions and more.If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming showcase competitions, check out all of the Network art competition and contest openings now!


Judy Takács / Solon, OhioEphemera—fleeting things that take their feathery places as memories without taking up space as realities. Human life is ephemeral too. The collaged butterflies in Ephemera Collector are bits of lovely and familiar handwriting I saved from my parents’ combined literature and mathematical notes. They were both professors, so the notes and writings were vast. I chose, dressed and posed my model—an archetype of an angel for the ages—capturing and guarding the memories and legacy of my parents with her sumptuous butterfly nets.


Alisa Shea / Northport, New York My husband collects and sells vintage vinyl, so inevitably there are stacks and stacks of records to be found in several corners of my house on any given day. Old record spines are so full of color and yummy texture from wear; painting them seemed like an obvious choice. I actually started this painting while I was still wearing a cast, shortly after carpal-tunnel surgery!


Tracy Frein / Chicago, IllinoisAs a colored pencil portrait artist, my inspiration is drawn solely from my subjects and their hidden emotional truths. I strive to show the viewer that although Lost Muse may seem serene and normal at first glance, it possesses a sense of inner frailty.


Lynette Cook / Daly City, CaliforniaI discovered this building on a trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown. I was struck by the combination of colors and values. The Citibank’s awning—with its blue gradient and bold, white characters—and the rust tones and bright pop of red on the wall were compelling. I also found the geometric aspects of the scene inspirational, providing an opportunity to merge the realism of my style with a strong abstract component.


Molly Judd / County Wicklow, IrelandIn the Garden is a drawing of my godfather’s daughter, Mia. We both grew up in the Irish countryside, and in this drawing I wanted to express the calm stillness felt when alone in rambling nature. The drawing was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Antonio López García.


Aurelio Rodríguez López / Málaga, SpainIn an antique store in China I saw this shelf filled with antique pottery, and inspiration came immediately. The texture and bright colors of the glaze, the dust gathered on those vessels over the years, the old wood, the geometry—all that I saw told me I had to paint this scene. The idea was to use the attractive pottery as a background motif and to create a meta-painting by using the trompe l’oeil technique.


Gina Torkos / St. Augustine, FloridaMy home studio overlooks the mooring field in St. Augustine Harbor, and the sight of dinghies, sailboats and shorebirds are a constant source of inspiration. I tried to capture the mood of this lone dinghy as it moved slowly with the tides and its reflection played on the surface of the water. I used magazines to provide the colors, textures and shapes and looked for text that enhanced the mood I was working to create. In this case, phrases such as “lounge often” and “relax, let down your hair” worked perfectly.

OIL (tie)

Marcos Rey / Arequipa, PeruThe protagonist of this painting is a great friend of mine who, months prior to the conception of this piece, found herself in an agitated stage of her life, at a changing point. I wanted to portray that moment. It is one of my most important paintings, and curiously, it has unchained a change in the course of my artwork.

OIL (tie)

Xizi Liu / Claremont, CaliforniaIn this series, I focus on sites of consumption and production and explore capitalist consumerism. The subjects I choose are rooted in my experience growing up amid frenzied transformations in China and its unbearable urban density. My works use stylized painting methods to represent the architectures of consumption, the flattened reality both literal and metaphorical.


Dani Kang / New York, New YorkMy background is in painting, drawing and music. I just started photography, and it has been eye-opening to walk through the world and find concrete things to express the abstract ideas that I previously only experienced in these other media. In Hold My Hands, a girl walks down a street in a dreamlike state, maybe not knowing where she is going. The jacket in the window seems to better know its purpose, but it has no face—just a circle where a head should be. Both comment on how I sometimes feel.

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