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10 Painting Principles Every Artist Should Know

10 Painting Principles Every Artist Should Know

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Yes, many great artists urge their peers to break the rules. And, yes, letting loose and being in the moment set a solid foundation for a successful painting session.

However, as one of the arguably greatest artists of all time, Pablo Picasso, used to say:

So before you start breaking any rules, we are here to break down 10 key painting principles. Brought to you by accomplished oil painter, Gregg Kreutz, these pointers are geared to help you boost your creative process and start painting like a pro right now — just try to finish reading all 10, first.

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10 Painting Principles from Oil Painter Gregg Kreutz

1. The four stages of painting are placement, background, shadow and light.
2. To paint something convincingly, you have to determine local color, shadow color, turning color and highlight color.
3. Dynamics (high contrast, color, paint thickness, and so forth) bring passages forward (see Fish Market Dawn, below).

4. Paint relationships — not isolated things or people.
5. Everything is either light against dark, dark against light or same against same.
6. Paint passages in the light thickly (see Fall at the Farmer’s Market, below).

7. Light turns gently into shadow and emerges crisply from the shadow.
8. Every object needs a form shadow (see Up the Lane, below).

9. Shadows are dark versions of local color.
10. Highlights are never on the starting edge (see Golden Earring, below).

Which of these painting principles are your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share with us any painting must-dos that were not listed above.

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Rev Up Your Creativity

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*Article contributions by Gregg Kreutz, Michael Woodson and Maria Woodie

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