Oil Painting Special Issue: New Realism

Oil Painting Special Issue: New Realism

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Magazine presents New Realism: Contemporary Takes on the Figure, a 116-page curated collection of the best portrait and figure oil painting tips, step-by-step demonstrations and professional advice from today’s hottest oil painters. Their portrait and figure work represent a renewed commitment to realism and representation in painting today. Traditionally trained, these artists put their own unique spin on classical realism, building on the foundation of the thriving atelier movement and creating exciting new expressions of representational oil painting.

Get your copy—in print or as a digital download—now at northlightshop.com. Available on newsstands August 9, 2016.

Highlights include:

  • Practical guidance for painting from a photo or from life
  • 5 groundbreaking artists who resurged the atelier and classical painting in the 1960s during the Abstract Expressionism movement
  • Up-close looks at the new breed of artists who have been classically trained in figure and portrait oil painting, but who are adding their own unique spin and voice to the genre
  • Tips, advice and step-by-step demos for achieving realism in your own work

Featured artists include:

Cover artist David Jon Kassan, plus Casey Baugh, Harvey Dinnerstein, Vincent Giarrano, Max Ginsburg, Sam Goodsell, Kristy Gordon, Adrian Gottlieb, Daniel E. Greene, Ron Hicks, Mary Beth McKenzie, Katie O’Hagan, Burton Silverman, Robin Smith and many more

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