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Creative Street Artist Adds Quirky Shadows to Objects on Sidewalk

Creative Street Artist Adds Quirky Shadows to Objects on Sidewalk

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Who remembers making shadow art with their hands as a kid? You shine a flashlight at the wall, twist your hands and suddenly there’s a monster on the wall. Street artist Damon Belanger has taken this idea to the sidewalks of California.

Noticing the Small Things Thanks to a Street Artist

Partnering with the Redwood City Improvement Association, Parks and Arts Foundation and ARTS RWC, Damon traveled to Redwood City to spread this fun shadow art. He painted fake shadows under objects on the sidewalk that confused and startled many people passing by.

Bike rack shadows were turned into flowers or robots. A mailbox was turned into a monster. These quirky shadow pieces would definitely make you do a double take!

The idea of shadow art is an interesting one. Shadows are normally there for just a little while and they change as the lighting shifts. Painting them on the sidewalk makes you stop and observe and notice this more permanent shape. It can make you think and appreciate the transient beauty of real shadows.

Check out some of the art below. Which is your favorite? What shadow art would you create in your city? Tell us in the comments!

Damon is definitely a street artist who spreads smiles with his work. This art brings a feeling of nostalgia and harkens back to those old childhood shadow creatures on the wall. You can see more of his art on his Instagram and his website.

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