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Robert Kogges Still Life Gallery

In this special Artist Daily gallery, we present online reproductions of the still life work of Robert Kogge. In these high-resolution online reproductions, we hope to give you a clearer look at this artists still life work, created with a unique colored-pencil-and-ink-wash technique.Still Life For Gerard2009, colored pencil and ink wash on canvas, 12 x 14.
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Your Art Career

First Steps to Getting Your Art in a Gallery

6 Art Gallery Essentials for ArtistsWhether you’ve decided to take the first steps in getting your work shown in an art gallery or you’re an established artist looking to expand your presence into new cities, understanding the fundamentals for how an art gallery selects its artists is essential.As both a gallery owner and an artist in one of the most vibrant art cities in the U.
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Artist Profiles

Charcoal Radiance in April Gorniks Landscape Drawings

An artist harnesses the power of drawing in large landscapes that are both transcendent and surreal.By John A. ParksApril Gornik’s charcoal landscape drawings render the world as a magical and transcendent realm. These landscape drawings display their subjects in an almost photographic manner, yet everything has been subtly changed, transformed in a way that suggests a kind of spiritual intimation about nature.
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Art Demos

How To Unclog Technical Pens (Hint: Dont Shake!)

Have you ever been deep in the throes of a drawing and suddenly found yourself desperately trying to figure out how to unclog technical pens? Rest assured you are not alone.Many artists prefer technical pens for drawing because they’re easy to use and provide smooth movement. This is especially true if they haven’t been used in a while.
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Creativity Inspiration

Make a Painters Resolution

Creative New Year’s Resolutions for ArtistsWow, was this past year as tough for you as it was for me? I felt unbalanced and a little bit like I was living in a tornado (cue the flying obstacles to dodge just like Dorothy did!). When those hectic times occurred, I would have to really boil down my priorities to the essentials.
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